spring cleaning

Ignore the mass amount of broken images if anyone actually remembers this place exists. XD
Cleaning out photobucket, got a dropbox, will keep both, and will tidy up every site I still use like this one when done.

Hello World!

I Liiiiiiiiive!
Actually, I wound up having to drop this semester of collage due to getting a super-cold that lasted more than a month. So I've got bucketloads of free time. I'm hoping to have something to show for it soon as my cold's now mostly gone.

If anyone wants to really impress me, (as I'm on dial-up, and it'll take a while) find out what species of Valenth I DON'T currently have avatars for. I know there's a lot. Any transparent pngs of said species would really help too. I don't plan on X number of valenth av's anymore, but I was quite fond of the 'family album style' so I intend on catching/keeping up with those.

For anyone keeping up with 'Dance of the Kitsune' over at, I hope (fingers crossed) to get the next chapter out soon, and the rest to keep coming after that. One event in the chapter I'm currently working on keeps getting me stuck every few words. I know point A, and point C, but point B seems to hate me.

'Dance' should be done in a few more chapters - I started it long before the Akatsuki showed up, so the plot's nearly finished. Shippuden hadn't come out when I started writing it, and I stopped reading the manga not long after Chiyo's death.

I've also got this cool little thing I chip away on when I get frustrated with 'Dance'. It's basically a cleaned-up version of how my writing process works, to turn it into a story in sentences. It's kinda hard to explain, but it'll be cool when it's up.

Not entirely sure what else to comment on - I haven't really thought any further ahead than finishing 'Dance', posting the new thing, and maybe some new icons. I got sick of most of my current ones anyways. And I promised myself no more stories until 'Dance' was finished.
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